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Squirrel Dinner 2017-11-07 squirrels business squirrel meeting bird totally bananas totally nuts you'll never believe what happened to me at work today earlier today budgets are tight i'm going to have to cut one of you it was going to be me my performance had been bad recently but then well then it seems the issue is solved present time that's totally bananas
The Miners 2017-11-07 miners pickaxe inside jokes word you know what i hate what inside jokes
The Mask 2017-11-07 tree mask fish cashier disguise here's your change sir man that guy is really really tall
Charlie 2017-11-07 mangoes swimming fish boxing volcano newspaper mango tree i haven't seen charlie around lately you know charlie the man goes where the mangoes are
Action Onion: Origins 2017-11-07 action onion origins crying suicide knife
Hands Man 2017-11-07 hands man police extra hands apples desert cactus cacti yoink freeze put up your hands
Action Onion! The New Adventures! 2017-11-07 robber mugger purse action onion crying knife give me your purse stop right there hrk
The Experiment 2017-11-07 frog pot boiling water just like a frog will boil to death in a gradually heated pot that's not actually true yes it is let's test this fine 3 minutes later 1 hour later don't you know what this means 3 minutes later 1 hour later
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